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Seeking Compensation After A Skiing Accident

Whether you are new to skiing or an expert on the slopes, you risk being injured every time you go down the hill. While laws and statutes release resorts and recreation areas from liability for most skiing and snowboarding accidents, not all injuries are exempt from lawsuits. If your injury was not your fault, there may be a way of seeking compensation.

Injuries Caused By Collisions With Other Skiers Or Snowboarders

The rules of the slope place responsibility for avoiding collisions on the person highest on the hill. It is their responsibility to maintain control and avoid running into people further down the hill. If you were seriously injured after being struck by a reckless skier or snowboarder coming down the hill behind you, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. It’s important to find witnesses to verify the circumstances. If there is a video of the event, getting a copy of the video is ideal.

Injuries That Resorts And Recreation Areas Can Be Held Liable For

Resorts and recreation areas cannot be held accountable for injuries caused by collisions with stationary objects such as trees and trail signs. However, if you rented equipment that failed and were injured as a result, that can be grounds for a lawsuit. The rental shop is responsible for maintaining equipment and making sure it is adjusted properly for each skier.

Resorts and recreation areas are also responsible for maintaining chair lifts and training chair lift operators. Resorts can be held liable if a faulty chair lift or poorly trained lift operator causes an injury. When this happens, you must be able to prove that you were following the lift safety guidelines.

Resorts may also be liable for injuries that are a consequence of resort personnel giving poor or insufficient instructions. If an instructor sends an inexperienced skier or snowboarder down a hill that is too challenging for their skill level, the resort may be liable for any injuries that result.

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