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A Strong Defense For Serious Drug Charges

Even if it is a first offense, drug charges are a serious matter that can have lasting consequences. The repercussions for drug charges in Minnesota are especially severe. Whether you are facing possession charges or if the police charged you with possession with the intent to sell, you need to have an attorney help you defend your rights.

Here at Law Office of David L. McCormick, you will find a criminal defense lawyer with decades of experience representing people in need of legal help. Attorney McCormick has more than 20 years of experience in practicing law and has prioritized his practice to defending those who need him most.

What Is At Stake

Outside of a few minor offenses related to marijuana, most drug offenses are felonies in Minnesota. There are five degrees of charges related to controlled substances. Penalties can range from five years of prison and thousands of dollars in fines for first degree charges to as much as 30 years in prison and up to one million dollars in fines for fifth degree drug offenses.

A drug conviction can take more than just years of your freedom and money from your wallet. A drug offense conviction can also affect:

  • Your right to own a gun
  • Your right to vote
  • Your eligibility for banking, insurance or health care
  • Your student loan eligibility
  • Your access to enroll in certain colleges

To defend yourself against receiving the worst outcomes, you need an experienced and committed criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and freedom.

An Experienced Attorney Can Be Your Greatest Asset

Attorney McCormick has defended clients against drug offense charges for more than two decades. To schedule an initial consultation today at the Minneapolis offices of the Law Office of David L. McCormick, call 612-812-0923 or fill out our online contact form.