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What are some typical fraud-related schemes?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

Scammers target people in all kinds of ways, and some scammers may draw the attention of the FBI. A Minnesota resident might not realize that sophisticated scams exist, designed to fool people to turn over money or credit card information. Knowing something the most common scams could help people avoid becoming victims.

Typical scams run in the United States

The sheer number of white-collar crimes and scams that occur may shock people. Many know that computer hacking and false charity schemes target the vulnerable, but how many know about funeral home scams? Yes, an unscrupulous funeral parlor manager could charge bereaved family members for work they did not perform, and that is a crime.

Insurance companies might discover a similar problem: physicians charging for medical care that was never performed. Actually, insurance fraud takes many forms. Some claimants might try to get away with their plans, only to discover the insurance company files criminal charges.

Business fraud represents an umbrella category that might include all manner of illegal behavior. Not delivering work after being paid, selling counterfeit merchandise, and outright stealing are examples of illegal business activities.

Fraud and scams cover much territory

Sports betting remains illegal in many jurisdictions, yet some continue to perform these acts. Identity theft is always illegal, but it is lucrative enough for criminals to engage in the behavior. And the internet opens doors for many potential fraudulent schemes.

Some victims may seek civil remedies for fraud. Thus, those accused of fraud may face lawsuits in addition to criminal charges.

Being accused does not make someone guilty, though. A defendant could face false charges for many reasons, including police misconduct or a complaint based on lies.

Anyone charged with fraud or related charges could discuss defense options with an attorney. The attorney may review the evidence to provide counsel and advice.