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Tips prompt narcotics investigation

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Drug Charges

Police in Minnesota took a 40-year-old man into custody on Jan. 4 after allegedly discovering illegal drugs and a loaded handgun while searching his vehicle. The investigation that led to the Mankato resident’s arrest began after several people called the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force to report that he was selling drugs. One of these individuals allegedly told investigators that the man visited the Twin Cities every few days to obtain the drugs he sold.

Car wash stakeout

After placing him under surveillance, investigators followed the man to a self-service car wash in North Mankato. The man remained at the car wash for what investigators described as an extended period of time. During this time, several people were allegedly seen approaching the man’s vehicle. Investigators thought that these people were likely buying drugs. Police pulled the man over near the intersection of Webster Avenue and Range Street shortly after he left the car wash.

Search and seizure

When police searched the man’s vehicle, they claim to have discovered about 24 grams of methamphetamine packaged for sale. They also allegedly discovered a loaded handgun, handgun ammunition and items commonly used to package and weigh drugs. The man appeared in Nicollet County District Court on Jan. 7 for arraignment on drug possession and firearm charges.

Cooperating with police

When police take suspects into custody after finding drugs or other incriminating evidence, the arresting officers often tell them that cooperating will lead to more lenient treatment. Criminal defense attorneys with experience in cases involving drug crimes might point out that only prosecutors have the authority to make this kind of offer. Attorneys may also urge suspects to remain silent until a lawyer has studied the facts and is able to provide advice about the most prudent course of action.