David L. McCormick
Attorney David L. McCormick

Defending Clients
Against Criminal Charges

David L. McCormick fearlessly defends the rights of people facing criminal charges and helps obtain compensation for skiers injured on the slopes.

 Representing Minnesotans in criminal cases and skiing injury claims 
Representing Minnesotans in 
criminal cases and skiing injury claims
Drug Violations
Drug Violations
Sex Offenses
Sex Offenses
Skiing Law
Skiing Law

A Criminal Charge
Is Not A Guilty Verdict

Prosecutors are aggressive in pressing charges and presenting their case as if there is no chance of a not guilty verdict. Those accused of crimes are often left feeling that they will be prosecuted even if they are innocent.

 Attorney McCormick knows how prosecutors work, and he will fight aggressively to protect your rights. When possible, he will fight to get charges dropped altogether. When that is not possible, he will work to get charges and penalties reduced as much as possible.

An Approachable Attorney
Who Fights Fearlessly For His Clients

The law says you are innocent until proven guilty, but in the court of public opinion, judgment is often automatic. For more than a decade, attorney McCormick has represented people facing drug charges, sex offenses and other crimes.

A mere accusation can ruin reputations and derail careers. He understands the impact of these types of charges on your personal life and the impact on your personal freedom. At the Law Office of David L. McCormick, you are not judged on the charges against you but on the content of your character.

emergency ski patrol taking someone down the ski hill in a gurney sled

Getting Compensation
For Skiers Injured On The Slopes

While there are statutes and regulations that may place liability for injuries at a resort or ski slope upon the skier, you can still recover financial damages for many types of accidents. Collisions with other skiers who behave recklessly, inadequate instruction from resort personnel, chair-lift accidents and injuries caused by defective rental equipment can provide the basis for a lawsuit.

In addition to having a license to practice law, David L. McCormick is a certified ski instructor. He uses his experience to represent skiers injured on ski slopes.

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